Tot Programs

Play and Learn Pods for ages 18 months-4 years

Our play and learn pods provide all the benefits of a preschool class in a safe, small group setting.  You choose the time, place and day(s) of your class and we bring all of the fun to you!  Each private pod meets for 90 minutes between 1-3 times per week and encourages your little ones to learn through play and interaction with the world around them.  Over the course of each class, tots will participate in activities which include sensory play, messy art, music, movement and games designed to promote gross and fine motor development.  Our sessions provide an atmosphere in which tots learn appropriate social interaction, express themselves through art, develop fine motor skills through the use of manipulatives and hone their gross motor skills by navigating through obstacle courses, participating in tot soccer games and learning the fundamentals of throwing, catching and much more.  The 90 minutes your children spend with us are guaranteed to be a highlight of their week!  Parents/caregivers must remain with their child at all times and wear masks.  We follow all CDC and social distancing protocols and classes are limited to 4-8 participants.  All supplies are provided and each child receives his/her own set of supplies.  There is no sharing of any supplies or equipment.

Cost of each 8 week session, meeting once per week:

  • 4 children:  $375/child
  • 5 children:  $300/child
  • 6 children:  $260/child
  • 7 children:  $220/child
  • 8 children:  $190/child

*If you would like your pod to meet multiple times per week, please email

Music and Movement

Young children learn the most important skills and increase their emotional intelligence by socializing with peers, engaging in parallel play and being in positive environments that reinforce a sense of levity. Our Tot Music and Movement Program for ages 6 months-3 years old, utilizes the power of music and movement to ignite every area of your tot’s growth, including the acquisition of cognitive skills, social/emotional development, fine and gross motor coordination, language and literacy. The pleasure of music shared between a parent and a child is palpable. Our unique program utilizes the power of music and movement, encouraging children to develop important skills while expressing emotions and increasing fine and gross motor abilities. Classes include listening to and playing along with fun, upbeat tot tunes, experimenting with a variety of instruments and navigating through age appropriate obstacle courses. Parents/caregivers and their tots will enjoy 60 minutes of songs, instrument playing, dancing and gross motor activities. Our program provides all the benefits of a traditional Tot Music and Movement Class with the peace of mind that this is a safe and socially distanced environment.


In our tot soccer classes, players learn the FUNdamentals of the game.  Tots learn how to dribble, score goals and celebrate their success!  We provide a positive and supportive introduction to soccer encouraging a love for the game.  Players work on gross motor coordination by running, walking or hopping through speed ladders and over a variety of obstacles.  Our classes encourage children to embrace their unique personalities and infuse their own ideas into every activity.  Tots also work on teamwork as we choose team names and work together at a safe distance.

Games, games, games

In our Safefit Games program, your child will navigate through a series of obstacle courses as well as play the “Safefit version” of classic games such as the great bean bag toss, the bubble pop challenge, musical chairs, “Coach Says,” the “egg on a spoon race” and much more.  Our program focuses on your tot’s overall development of gross motor skills.  We incorporate music and cheers into all of our classes to promote a light-hearted and carefree environment.  Your child is guaranteed to be smiling and laughing throughout this class.