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Jessica S.

Coach Alyze’s energy is everything. She gets these kids moving in such a fun and enthusiastic way and is always changing things up to keep it exciting. She focuses on each child individually and brings out the best in them. I dare you to try a class out, you won’t turn back!

Dina B.

We love Coach Rewina..she has so much energy and is always engaging with the kids. Our son is extremely shy, and does not always participate, but Coach Rewina will still include him without pressuring him. She is great!!

Shannon H

My 4 year old son LOVES his Games class! Coach Josiah is fun and high energy, and he’s great at keeping our little group of preschoolers focused and entertained.

Julie K.

Coach Alyze is fantastic! She teaches her young players crucial fundamental soccer skills, all while keeping it safe, fun, and engaging for the kiddos. We’ve seen huge improvements in our son’s soccer abilities since he’s joined Safe Fit Soccer, and we look forward to future growth with this amazing program! If you’d prefer, everybody the lady luck in no registration casino uk.

Bethany S.

Our little one loves sports but is incredibly shy. Coach Makeda made her feel so welcome and even shifted some games around her first day to things she knew she would enjoy. Now our little one talks all the time about her coach and how excited she is to go to class! It’s been such a gift for us to see her flourish.

Abby M.

Payam “Coach P” is everything a parent wants in a coach. He’s on time always and he’s kind, fun, organized and he keeps the kids engaged and moving. He wears a mask and sets a great example for our children. We could not be happier to have found such a lovely sports class led by such a wonderful coach.

Stephanie R.

My kids love Coach Nick! They wait all week long for their Safe Fit class, What a blessing it’s been during an otherwise difficult time in any child’s life to know they can have an hour of safe, fun outdoor physical activity with their friends. Thank you Safe Fit for keeping our kids happy and safe!

Hayley R.

I couldn’t ask for a better coach for my 2 year old than Coach Makeda. She is energetic and fun, and super flexible and patient while working with such a young age group. We couldn’t be any happier with the class, and my daughter loves her coach.

Brittany C.

Safe Fit Kids and Coach Josiah have been a godsend for us during the pandemic. My daughter loves Coach. He is so kind and inspiring for the kids and his little gifts make their day. We recommend these classes to all our friends with kids. Safe, good fun!

Jessica B.

Rewina is one of the most patient and supportive coaches! Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and the kids truly love her! We feel so lucky to have gotten Rewina as our coach!

Lauren G.

My daughter loves her weekly class with Coach Malachi. He is so creative with the games he uses and keeps her and her friends so engaged throughout the entire class. It is definitely the highlight of their week!

Lackey C.

Our class loves Coach Peter! He has great energy with the kids. They are always running and laughing. He makes the hour long class fun and very interactive!

Cathy G.

Safe Fit Kid has been such a blessing for my kids during an otherwise isolating time with no PE or team sports. They get to be active outdoors with their friends, play fun games that hone coordination and cheer their teammates on. Coach Alyze is passionate about keeping kids active and positive, and I love that my kids are learning to bring their best each week while practicing sportsmanship!