Angility Games & Training for Kids in Los Angeles | Woodland Hills | Santa Monica

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A fun class for improving a child’s coordination or for elite athletes seeking to gain an edge on the competition

Safe Fit Speed and Agility training is intended for any child, ages 7-15, who is looking to get faster, stronger and more powerful.  This program is well suited for both beginning players looking to improve their coordination or for elite athletes seeking to gain an edge on the competition.  Classes are separated by age and ability so that every child is challenged and achieves substantial gains. Test your fortune with casino uk .  The program focuses on the following areas:

  • Dynamic stretching to prevent injuries;
  • Plyometrics to increase explosiveness;
  • Speed ladder drills to promote agility;
  • Acceleration, deceleration and core body work training to improve agility;
  • Linear and lateral drills to promote speed; and
  • Upper and lower body exercises to increase overall strength.

If your child wants to get faster, quicker and stronger, this is the ideal program.  Visit our schedule of classes to register for a class or contact with any questions.