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Our prices are affordable so as to be inclusive of as many children as possible.  We are committed to providing a safe environment.  Classes are limited to 5-8 children.  There are also discounts for those participating multiple times per week as well as sibling discounts.  All classes are 60 minutes in length and sessions run for 8 weeks.


  • Parents can choose the day, time and location of the class.
  • Parents can ensure that they and the other parents agree in terms of how their families have observed the social distancing guidelines.
  • Kids have an opportunity to see their friends.

If you have a pre-existing group, please identify your group by giving your group a team name.  Fill out the pre-existing group registration form and be sure to include your group’s name as well as all of the names and emails of the parents in your group.

If you are unable to form a class yourself, we are forming classes for every age group across Los Angeles County and will do everything possible to find a class for your child(ren).  Please fill out our open registration form.


Our payment system is integrated with Stripe, the most secure payment portal on the web.

“If you would like to enroll in more than 2 classes per week, please email”

One class per week

For 1 Child / 1 Class Per Week
For 2 Siblings / 1 Class Per Week
For 3 Siblings / 1 Class Per Week

Two classes per week

For 1 Child / 2 Classes Per Week
For 2 Siblings / 2 Classes Per Week
For 3 Siblings / 2 Classes Per Week

*There are no refunds given after you have enrolled in the session. Try ones luck from paras nettikasinot. for further details about casino uk bonus. Credits towards future sessions may be given in the instructor’s discretion.