Safe Fit Games

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Development of kids

Safe Fit Games promotes the development of kids’ gross motor skills through the use of fun, dynamic challenges and competitions.

Games, games, games is a dynamic and fun filled hour of “hard core play” suitable for children ages 1-15. Players participate in a series of challenges and competitions that encourage them to be creative and develop their gross motor skills. Find out more concerning paras online kasino. Concentrate on recommendations no account casino uk. The class is not a “stand around and wait in line class”—your child will be running, jumping, kicking and moving their bodies for the entire hour. We have over 100 games in the program and all activities are appropriate for your child’s developmental level. Children will work individually or in socially distanced “teams” throughout the class. Some of the most popular games include the sack race, the bean bag toss, lawn bowling, speed ladder challenges, our own version of red light/green light and a variety of obstacle courses.

The class is as appropriate for a 1 year old as it is for a 15 year old. Classes for our tots will largely incorporate “theme days,” where they are imagine visiting the zoo, going to the market to select fruit, running through a rainbow of colors or going on a Disney adventure. By structuring our classes in this manner we reinforce your tot’s cognitive development and creativity. Our classes for ages 1-3 are parent/caregiver and me classes. During these classes, all adults will need to wear masks and maintain proper social distancing with their child from other participants in class.

Classes for our older participants will incorporate increasingly more difficult physical challenges while encouraging them to bring their own unique personality and ideas to class. Whereas younger players may work on throwing a ball up and catching it, our older players will try to throw a ball up and clap 10 times prior to catching it. Similarly, whereas our younger players may do a more typical version of red light/green light, our older players may do it running backwards. They will also participate in games such as world cup, relay race tick-tac-toe, speed ladder agility drills, balancing challenges and much more.


Games, games, games promotes the development of kids’ gross motor skills through the use of fun, dynamic challenges and competitions.


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