Fall 2021 Recreational Soccer Teams

Soccer Teams

Safe Fit Kids, in partnership with Strikers SFV,coaches recreational soccer teams for kids ages 4-10.  We have competitive recreational teams who practice twice a week from August-December and standard recreational teams who practice once per week from August-December.  All practices are 1.5 hours in length and are held at Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks park in Sherman Oaks or at Balboa Park in Encino.  All teams compete in a recreational team in the west San Fernando Valley and games are held from September-December.

Players can enter our program either as a pre-formed team or through open enrollment.  It is highly advised that you enter as a pre-formed team and we can then assign you one of our professional coaches.

Our philosophy and the caliber of our coaches distinguishes the Strikers SFV rec teams from other programs.  All of our coaches hold national coaching licenses, have coached children for a minimum of 3 years and are committed not only to helping players improve individually and as a team but also to teaching children the important life skills of teamwork, resiliency, hard work and determination.  Our coaches are equal parts coach and mentor and are heavily invested in making your child’s soccer experience a positive one.

Above all, the Strikers SFV coaching philosophy sets us apart from other organizations.  We believe that all players, regardless of talent or experience, deserve the same high quality coaching instruction as that typically reserved only for elite players.  Our players are taught correct soccer technique and the tactics of the game. They enjoy dynamic training that challenges and excites them.  We have 3 primary objectives:  (1) to encourage a love of soccer, (2) to promote individual and team success, and (3) to create an emotionally safe environment where all players feel valued.  The longevity of our teams provides evidence of the effectiveness of our training methodology—most of our teams remain together a minimum of 3 years!

Our recreational soccer teams create a direct pipeline to our club level teams for players who are ready for and want a higher level of commitment and more playing opportunities.