Elementary school aged programs

Programs for kids in Pre K-7th Grade


Our soccer classes run for 8 weeks and focus on skill development, cooperation with teammates and promoting a passion for the game. Classes are 1-hour in length and consist of 40 minutes of skill-based challenges and 20-minute scrimmages.  This model enables us to tailor each class, creating programs that are suitable for all levels. Check out the success at paras casino.  Players are encouraged to attempt new skills and take risks via positive feedback.  Regardless of your child’s level, our objective is to take them to the next level so that they are better prepared to play on a club or recreational level team.

Flag Football

Our Safe fit flag football program is perfect for both beginners as well as advanced players ages 4-12.  Depending upon their levels and ages, players learn how to properly carry a ball when executing a running pattern, how to throw and catch a ball and how to most effectively pull flags on defense.  Beginners will learn basic running and passing patterns while more advanced players will learn more intricate pattern play, how to maximize linear and lateral speed and agility and the responsibilities of the different positions.  Regardless of their level, all players will have FUN competing in speed and agility competitions and developing a mastery of the various skills required in the game.


Our Safefit t-ball is the ideal way to introduce your 4-7 year old to America’s Favorite Pastime in a safe, socially distanced atmosphere. Our program focuses on teaching your child both the fundamental techniques and basic rules of baseball providing a solid foundation from which to advance to coach-pitch and player pitch baseball. Players learn skills such as throwing, catching, hitting and base running as well as the different positions of the game. Most importantly, our program is FUN and aims to promote each player’s self-confidence and love for the game.

Games, Games, Games

Games, Games, Games is an hour of “hard core play” filled with dynamic activities and competitions. Players participate in a series of challenges that encourage them to be creative and develop their gross motor skills. This class is not a “stand in line and wait” kind of class. Your child will be running, jumping, kicking and moving their bodies for the entire hour. We have hundreds of games to engage your child, including “the great bean bag toss,” lawn bowling, speed ladder challenges, obstacle courses, “the egg on a spoon race,” and many more. Our goal is to provide an environment in which your child is active, having fun and socializing with peers.

Pumped Up P.E. Ages 6-13

Participants in our Pumped Up P.E. class play 60 minutes of dynamic P.E. favorites. This class is an hour of high energy fun and vigorous play. The beginning of the class might start with a game of sharks vs. minnows, which may be followed by a series of challenging obstacle courses and end with a rousing game of dodgeball. We have dozens of games and competitions to engage and captivate your child including: hand soccer, capture the flag, soccer bowling, hula hoop tic tac toe, tunnel tag and many others. Your kids will get a great workout and socialize with peers in this light-hearted, highly active class. Come join the fun!

Safefit Speed and Agility

Safe Fit Speed and Agility training is intended for any child, ages 7-15, who is looking to get faster, stronger and more powerful.  This program is well suited for both beginning players looking to improve their coordination or for elite athletes seeking to gain an edge on the competition.  Classes are separated by age and ability so that every child is challenged and achieves substantial gains.  The program focuses on the following areas:

  • Dynamic stretching to prevent injuries;
  • Plyometrics to increase explosiveness;
  • Speed ladder drills to promote agility;
  • Acceleration, deceleration and core body work training to improve agility;
  • Linear and lateral drills to promote speed; and
  • Upper and lower body exercises to increase overall strength.

Train Like a Ninja

Do you have an aspiring Ninja Warrior at home? Do you have a child who loves nerf gun battles, climbing, obstacle courses, parkour or boxing?  Our Train Like a Ninja Warrior Class combines all of these modalities to give your 4-12 year old an hour of creative, non-stop fun and an amazing workout.  Over the course of this action-packed class, participants will engage in speed and agility challenges, nerf gun target battles, obstacle course races, shadow boxing and elements of parkour. This class is an hour of vigorous physical activity as your aspiring ninja runs, climbs, jumps and leaps to triumph over ever-increasingly difficult challenges.