Coach Alyze

Founder of Safe Fit Kids

Coach Alyze brings passion and enthusiasm into every one of her classes at Safe Fit Kids.

Coach Alyze Pierce is a coach of over 25 years, an attorney and a devoted mother to her 3 children. For more detailed information paras kasino. She grew up in the San Fernando Valley where she played almost every sport. As a teen, she gravitated to soccer and played at Stanford University as well as for the United States under 20-national team. She began her coaching career at Stanford soccer camp and has since continued: first coaching her own children’s sports teams and then forming a very successful children’s soccer and fitness company, Premier Development Company. Her passion is children’s overall well-being! Coach Alyze fosters an environment that encourages children to be creative, develop confidence, increased self-esteem and the ability to enjoy the pleasure of the moment. Coach Alyze measures her program’s success by the players’ reticence to leave and motivation to return to classes. Safe Fit Kids is a labor of love for Coach Alyze, created to enrich your children’s lives with laughter, friends, play and learning