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March 19, 2023

‘May alak get balak?’ Breaking Filipino myths with the intimate concur

MANILA, Philippines – “Kapag could possibly get alak, will get balak” is a thing we have heard at each and every college class or inuman, tend to with humor and more vaguely intimate laughs. Since a phrase it appears to be rather innocuous, but it’s one of of a lot myths you to definitely affect the idea of concur for most Filipinos.

To concur try talked about these days, it’s still a complicated situation for many anybody – particularly in the brand new Philippines, in which people reference to keyword “sex” however pulls giggles otherwise brings up eyebrows.

What’s concur?

“Simply put, agree is providing consent, and/otherwise agreeing to one thing,” Amina Swanepoel informed Rappler. Amina is the founding professional movie director off Root away from Wellness, an organization that supporters for reproductive wellness training regarding Philippines.

July 9, 2022

Nutritional advice is gathered to make up differences in weight-loss intake of your own nourishment

Professionals was basically every taking antipsychotic pills — which have been shown to relieve confident periods, such as for example hallucinations and you can delusions, however negative attacks — and you may was randomized to receive daily amounts away from sometimes folate and vitamin B12 otherwise a beneficial placebo to own sixteen months. All of the 2 weeks their medical and you will psychological reputation try analyzed, using practical warning sign investigations devices and size of bloodstream accounts of folate and homocysteine, an amino acidic you to definitely sometimes increase when folate profile drop. Participants’ bloodstream samples had been reviewed to find the versions it sent of MTHFR and you will around three most other folate-path genetics in earlier times of seriousness regarding negative outward indications of schizophrenia.

Certainly every 140 members regarding data method, those individuals getting folate and you can supplement B12 displayed change in bad periods, nevertheless the amount of update wasn’t mathematically high compared with the latest placebo classification.

May 9, 2022

My husband produces myself make fun of more anyone you may most of the…… Everyone loves him quite definitely

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