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February 7, 2022

You have the Columbus general public protection program, basically in RadioReference it is lacking a number of chat communities


There look like two trunked techniques using wavelengths certified by town of Columbus in Bartholomew state, split from the SAFE-T system.

It’s also back up the SAFE-T program for urban area flames and authorities. I believe i have identified some CRH talkgroups, in addition to the teenager services anastasiadateprofiel talkgroup. I will keep recording and try to verify before posting these to RR.

After some digging, I’ve found that has had DMR voice traffic with some talkgroups about it. I have recognized two BCSC coach TG’s, several that seem like institutes, the town buses, trash trucks, and pet control.

From noises of it, this might be the next trunk area program, but i have been struggling to find the controls frequency, or see whether truly P25 or some other kind of trunking.

Any pointers? I am new to my personal TRX-1, and have perhaps not found the best way to search for controls channel. You will find a few inexpensive SDR’s, nevertheless the noise floor is actually on top of all of them. I could attempt getting a much better SDR, but if someone else has recently done a few of this work, I’d somewhat not replicate efforts.

Careful, I CAN hear your!

Mainstream DMR for Town Of Columbus. 0 WPNQ936 RM ClmbsSchools Columbus education DMR institutes 0 WPJJ684 RM ClmbsSchools Columbus institutes DMR education 0 WPJJ684 RM ClmbsSchools Columbus Schools DMR Schools

Wood colour laws, TGs in use, and slot machines, then distribute the findings and I also will receive they for the DB.