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October 27, 2022

Their brands and you can family relations connections just weren’t recorded

Around appears to be zero factual statements about the 3 Austrian lady pictured waiting to collect their rations on Molonglo Focus Go camping. Chances are these people were named Austrian from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Whether they was indeed German otherwise out of Austria-Hungary, if they was indeed themselves or that have group, plus as to why this new photos caught him or her that this day which have their cart, continue to be mysteries. On the record the fresh wood barracks where in actuality the inmates existed is seen on treeless basic. Daisy Schoeffel, a keen Australian-produced girl detained together with her spouse and two children, registered you to definitely when you are rations was an effective and you will abundant as well as was handled much better than they’d been from the Bourke Go camping, existence are offending toward open plain within the defectively founded solid wood barracks that let in the rain, wind and you may noises on other internees (NAA: CRS 457, Item 406/1 cited when you look at the Fischer, 1989).