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October 25, 2021

Beating Herpes An innovative new way of getting a world-changing vaccine

Whipping Herpes

A whole new method to creating a world-changing vaccine

An end to a worldwide crisis

There’s absolutely no accredited vaccine for herpes. About 3.7 billion visitors in age 50 across the world is affected with HSV-1, while over 400 million bring HSV-2. 1,2 Neonatal illness might disastrous, at sixty percent fatality without treatment. 3 HSV-2 is usually seen to play a role drastically into the spread out of HIV. 4

Antiviral medication cures demonstrates only mild efficacy and comes with appreciable responses. 5 Attempts to build a great vaccine have actually over repeatedly were not successful.

X-VAX is here to provide a cure for the long run by promoting a vaccine that beat herpes. About herpes