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August 3, 2022

Eva’s feel are transactional sex within its most unvarnished mode – a rushed one to-from encounter, determined of the desperation

Inside the Kenya, more about ladies are utilizing glucose daddies to fund a lifetime really worth post towards social network.

Eva, a good 19-year-old beginner at Nairobi Aviation School, are resting in her own small place inside the shared residence during the Kitengela perception broke, eager, and you may eager. She used the kept 100 Kenyan shillings she had inside her handbag and you may took a bus for the urban area center, in which she desired the original guy that would pay in order to have sex along with her. Shortly after ten minutes when you look at the an excellent dingy street, Eva went back so you’re able to Kitengela having 1,100000 Kenyan shillings to pass through by herself for the remainder of the fresh new times.

Six years back, when she was at college, Shiro satisfied a wedded man nearly forty years the girl elderly. Initially, she received only goods. Then it are trips into the day spa. 24 months into their relationships, the person moved their on the another apartment because he need their as hotter. Other couple of years in the future, he provided Shiro a plot of land into the Nyeri county due to the fact a program of relationship. In return, he extends to bed having Shiro and if he is like it.

Shiro’s tale portrays a completely more complicated event – the new exchange out of youthfulness and beauty for very long-label financial gain, driven maybe not of the desire for food but of the ambition, glamorised of the social network celebrities, and frequently wrapped in brand new trappings regarding a romance.