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February 3, 2022

What the hell is moral nonmonogamy and why will it be all over my Tinder?

On a recently available afternoon, while idly swiping on Tinder, i stumbled upon the visibility of a person, we’ll name him Bobby, whom defined himself as being in an “ethically nonmonogamous” union.

While my personal preferred outcome to be on matchmaking software try masochism—JK, it’s a desire to maybe see a sweetheart or perhaps someone to big date for a while—as an author (especially one contemplating the mating behavior of brand new Yorkers), it’s hard never to get on info in this way. Thus I swiped appropriate, therefore were a match.

I straight away emailed Bobby to explain that i will be a writer who was simply perhaps not looking to date him but would be thinking about talking to your about it moral nonmonogamy thing. Would he? He said certain, about disease of privacy. Subsequently one thing strange happened: The second two dudes exactly who came up in my feed additionally referenced moral nonmonogamy. Those precise keywords.