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February 14, 2022

Does Placing Fresh Fruit in Mason Jars Ensure It Is Last For A Longer Time?


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Adverts On , a Facebook levels provided a suggestion which said that placing fruit in Mason jars caused it to be last for much longer:

Between , the post racked upwards more than half so many shares. They alluded to a TikTok post, possible a viral post by user :

a? … in the event that you place your good fresh fruit (like strawberries) in a windows jar inside refrigerator they remain fresh for 2 to three months … weeks!a?


Instagram consumer (whoever Instagram bio included the hashtag #strawberriesinajar) has also been referenced when you look at the blog post. In , that accounts discussed one of the several content about saving strawberries in containers:

In the text of the Instagram article, but they added that the a?rest with the directions for any viral hack can be purchased on my writings thecrosslegacy/keeping-berries-fresh-for-weeks.a? The myspace blog post only discussed keeping good fresh fruit in a jar, not any further guidance.