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September 14, 2021

Let me make it clear more about Song Review: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, “Speak To A Girl”

I can’t help but feel like their message is about three years too late for country music while I applaud Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for taking a stand against misogyny.

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The nation genre has constantly had an issue with both too little feminine representation and a propensity to objectify characters that are female songs, but this dilemma hit a brand new low throughout the Bro-Country age, as females were usually depicted as nothing but hip-shaking hotties whoever existed just for the pleasure of the male counterparts. A& B: “Looking’ For That Girl” and “Southern Girl”), he’s now decided to educate his contemporaries on proper social etiquette by pairing with wife and fellow country superstar Faith Hill (who hasn’t headlined a charting single since 2012) for “Speak To A Girl,” the leadoff single for the pair’s upcoming joint album while McGraw hasn’t exactly been an innocent bystander during all this ( exhibits. It’s an ambitious and project that is well-intentioned however it does not feel like it reaches its complete potential.