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February 10, 2022

I adored all the little facts included therefore the attention compensated for the support characters

And, however, Flowey wouldn’t become Flowey if there was clearlyn’t a comment or two (or twenty) regarding your playthroughs. 😉

I became unsure on how I would experience this game when I began they, but my uncertainty had been quickly place to rest when I totally welcomed the feeling. Not simply was it fun to have interaction with Sans, but I highly enjoyed reaching the other figures nicely.Once the deeper elements of the storyline began to unfold I found myself entirely and entirely totally hooked on they, and I also in fact receive me being touched by many views. We even started initially to weep as soon as I generated my pledge, ’cause i am aware i will not have the ability to split they. I really couldn’t possibly remove that good closing from your, it doesn’t matter how wondering Im regarding remaining games. We’ll allowed your getting pleased.

Used to do a real appreciate -> key ending -> true-love -> True love ( =) ) run

Many thanks to make this excellent games. You’ve seriously made me delighted because of its existence, as well as your attention to detail certainly managed to get an excellent enjoy. Hopefully my gratitude is actually successfully sent from me personally, to you. Much adore!

Thank you much for playing as well as finding the time to comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the ability and therefore the thoughts attained you! We wished to deliver every person through an emotional trip with this particular VN.

Just comprehending that a minumum of one people considered also a small sample of thoughts we put into this, that is honestly more than i possibly could ever before ask for. 🙂