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February 23, 2022

Therefore, the fresh new child out-of William Avery “demon statement”, John D

This new Rockefellers have been particularly respected with their financing regarding cybernetics along with the latest infiltration of your own informative, research and you will medical environments, and therefore particular short-term facts about their increase to help you control of the past 150 many years is effective due to the fact a situation examination of understanding the agendas of these dying cult bloodline parents.

The newest Luciferian-Satanic death cult bloodlines is actually associated with more than 500 globally Stamina Professional group, in which he could be intent on this new cult’s overall agendas of retaining fuel thanks to bloodstream ritual practices and the mainstreaming from satanic ideology, while providing towards You to Industry Order expectations one to suffice its NAA overlords.

There are no sovereign nations otherwise limits on cult, they think of the whole internationally population because their submissives, each bloodline family unit members enjoys carved away an area of the planetary region for their personal dominion.