Adapting Our Programs To Covid Safety

July 26, 2020by alyzepierce123

Childhood is a time for play, laughter, friendship and fun.  Children learn the values of sharing, empathy, flexibility and cooperation simply by PLAYING!

There is no doubt that the for past six months and for the foreseeable future, our children’s ability to play with peers has been, and will be, substantially limited.  California in particular, has been hit hard by COVID-19.  Having hour after hour of screen time, rather than playing with friends, has become the “new normal” for our children.  It is undeniable that we have had to adopt strict social distancing protocols in an effort to flatten the curve of the virus.  As a result of this isolation, we have seen increased levels of anxiety and depression in our youth.  It is against this backdrop that Coach Alyze Pierce, in conjunction with an immunologist and infectious disease specialist, created Safefitkids.

Safefitkids is an affordable program developed to provide children ages 2-15 with safe, small group exercise and soccer classes which allow them to run around, laugh and participate in an hour of “hard core play” with their peers.  Classes are limited to 4-6 children and families can either form their own groups or register for a class in their area.  Each session lasts for 8 weeks and classes will be held throughout Los Angeles County.

Safefitkids offers two dynamic programs: “Games, Games, Games” and “Safefit Soccer.”  Games, Games, Games promotes the development of kids’ gross motor skills through the use of fun and dynamic challenges and competitions.  Safefit soccer is a contact-free soccer program where players improve their skills, speed and agility and work as a team to compete in challenges.  The classes are structured in accordance with CDC and additional guidelines to ensure a safe environment.  All coaches have a minimum of 3 years of experience teaching children, are background checked, CPR certified and have gone through Safefitkids 8-week training program.  Our objective in running this program is to provide your children with a safe and organized place to play, interact with friends and just be kids!